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T-Acadie is a folk trio and dance band from central Maine, part of the region including the Canadian maritime provinces known as Acadia ("T-Acadie" is Cajun French slang for "a little Acadia"). Pam, Jim, and Bill have been playing together for more than twenty-five years, at first primarily for contradancing, and quickly discovered their common love for French Canadian and old time Southern dance tunes. As time went on they also discovered their common love for other French music, especially Cajun, and for singing in 3 part harmony. In the late 90's the folk trio, T-Acadie, was born. T-Acadie not only plays the French dance music from North America (Quebecois, Acadian and Cajun), but also New England, Maine, and Southern old-time tunes and songs, sea shanteys, and original tunes written by band "tunesmith", Pam Weeks, which range from sizzling reels and jigs to mesmerizing aires and sweet waltzes. T-Acadie is well-known for their close harmony vocals, unusual variety of instruments, and surprising versatility. Equally at home in a dance or a concert setting, the band has played concerts, community dances, festivals, contra and Cajun dances, town celebrations, weddings, and interactive dance and music residencies in schools (K-12). Pam, Jim, and Bill are all multi-instrumentalists. Pam is well known as one of the country's premier mountain dulcimer players and teachers. Bill is known nationwide as a contradance caller and choreographer and many of his dance compositions are called by callers all over the world.

Concerts: T-Acadie does a wonderful job of engaging the audience (of any age) in a concert setting. They have played for large groups and small; young and old; at folk clubs, in schools, at festivals, and resorts. The first thing that comes through in a concert is a tight 3-part vocal harmony. Pam, Jim, and Bill have been singing together for over 20 years and their 3 voices blend as one in acappella numbers which include sea shanteys and old time southern Appalachian songs. Their song repertoire also includes Quebecois call and response songs, Maine and New England songs, and songs from other genres including doo wop, old English, Country, Cajun, Zydeco. In a concert it is not unusual to have 14 or 15 instruments on stage: fiddles, guitars, accordions, banjo, mountain dulcimer, cello, mandolin, hammered dulcimer, piano, ukulele, bass, flute, saxophone.. They play instrumental tunes from several genres including tunes from Quebec and the Canadian Maritimes, the British Isles, Cajun Louisiana, New England, old time southern Appalachian tunes, and finally original tunes written by fiddler Pam Weeks..

Contradances: T-Acadie can play hard-driving Quebecois and Old-time music as well as smooth, mesmerizing jigs and reels to get dancers “in the zone”. Their repertoire includes traditional tunes, and recently composed tunes including many original compositions of Pam’s. For couples dancing they have an extensive repertoire of Waltzes, Polkas, Hambos, and Cajun 2-steps. Bill has a clear, easy-going teaching and calling style and a sense of humor that keeps everyone smiling.

Dance Camps and Festivals: T-Acadie can play for the dance portion of a dance camp weekend/week or dance festival as described above. They can play for contradancing and then “switch hats” and play for a Cajun dance. They can also offer a wide range of workshops. Bill has done callers’ workshops, both “sit down” and participatory. Pam (the professional teacher of the group) is a master mountain dulcimer player and fiddler and has done workshops on both these and other instruments at festivals and weekends around the country with students of all ages.  In addition, the band offers “band clinic” workshops as well as individual instrument workshops and a "Harmony from Scratch" singing workshop.  If playing for Cajun dancing they can teach the Cajun 2-step and waltz. T-Acadie also puts on a fine concert performance with dance tunes, non-dance tunes, and songs in 3-part harmony. Pam, Bill, and Jim don’t stop with what’s on the contract either. Always wanting to meet new people and learn new tunes, at festivals you can find them in the hallways participating in a jam session; at camps singing or playing around the camp fire!

Family/community dances: T-Acadie has worked extensively with school/family/community groups of all ages. They have often played for community celebrations like Franco-American festivals, Town Bicentennials, or Old Home Days. The dance music could be contradance tunes, Cajun or BOTH! Bill has a large repertoire of easy dances that are fun for adults and kids alike. In a typical dance of this type, T-Acadie will vary the program with dances, songs, and musical demonstrations, often with audience participation.

Cajun dances: Aieeeee! T-Acadie can play for your Fais Do Do! Cajun music is meant for dancing and Pam, Bill, and Jim can get everyone up on their feet. They can do a workshop on some of the basic steps beforehand and play as a trio or often will pick up a local triangle player or drummer and/or a bass player. Either way they have a vast repertoire of traditional and modern Cajun 2-steps, waltzes, & blues numbers!

Weddings, anniversary parties, special events: T-Acadie can play for your wedding or special party. They can play for the wedding ceremony, play background music during dinner and then get everyone up dancing afterwards. The PA system is available for your group to use and Bill can even M.C. the evening!

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